I struggled this week in yoga. I spent a good amount of time feeling like I couldn’t keep up and that I wasn’t as “good” as everyone else in my classes. At the end of last night’s session, Blake spoke to the fact that in Western Culture, and especially here in America, we focus on what we can’t do – instead of the joyful, and generally larger portion that we can do. For example in my 75 minute class there was only about ten minutes that I couldn’t keep up. Guess what? That was the ONLY ten minutes I could focus on, stressing out that others wouldn’t see me as doing my best or pushing myself to my full potential, even though I felt inside that I was working as hard physically as I could.

So I set a goal or intention for the week of letting go of scenarios like the above, a goal of releasing from the guilt in the ten minutes of “cannot” and the need to appear successful in some measure to others. I will instead revel in the pride and personal gratitude to myself for the 65 minutes I excelled. I have been eating well, I have been doing my extra 30 minutes of cardio or exercise a day, and I have been finding doing my yoga practice pretty darn near daily for over a month – I have plenty to be grateful and proud about, and I am hopeful this intention will seep out of just my yoga and into my daily life.

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3 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM YOGA: 10/25/2013

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